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Doctor Evidence

Doctor Evidence, LLC, founded in 2004, is a leader in technological solutions for Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) with a mission to provide stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem with the most timely and relevant medical evidence and related analytics to make and inform the best clinical decisions. Historically, Doctor Evidence is best known for the proprietary Digital Outcome Conversion (DOC™) methodology of extracting data from static sources, including published clinical studies, FDA drug labels, and epidemiological databases and creating dynamic scientifically-curated data hubs. The company's goal is to support efforts to help healthcare providers and patients gain access to important evidence-based knowledge and to improve the health and wellbeing of patients worldwide.

The Guidelines Division's products reflect these visions by offering solutions along the full continuum of EBM. These efforts begin with facilitating collaborations among clinical practice guideline (CPG) developing organizations, including this GROWTH Map initiative, which identifies and records global EBM systematic review and guideline development organization's activities on a global map. DOC™ platforms assist with guideline development from the refinement of the underlying clinical questions and controversies into PICO (Patient Population/Interventions/Comparators/Outcomes) questions to the drafting and approval of the final recommendations. PICO elements provide the underlying scaffolding throughout the evidence reviews, data extractions, syntheses, summary presentations, and guideline recommendation development and retrieval.


Doctor Evidence has launched a transparent safe harbor organization in the GROWTH Collaborative that will independently evaluate guideline-based care to identify evidence gaps, context-specific product recommendations, off-label uses, and other information valuable to guideline developers, life science clients, regulatory agencies, and research funders. GROWTH Evidence and GROWTH Patients encourage collaborations and facilitate the sharing of data resources among like-minded evidence-based medicine (EBM) organizations. Member benefits include access to digitized databases, receptions, and online forums. The GROWTH Map is intended to provide a forum for EBM organizations to develop partnerships and collaborations to harmonize efforts and produce high-quality EBM reviews with transparency.


All evidence-based medicine (EBM) organizations are eligible to be listed on the GROWTH Map except pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. This would include guideline developers and those who produce systematic reviews or health technology assessments, as well as healthcare providers. Applications for placement should be completed through the registration form. Maintenance of the organization’s profiles is the responsibility of the organization's staff, not Doctor Evidence.